Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thrift Store Sale

At our local thrift store the last Wednesday of the month is half off day. I have been on sale days before but have never experienced the mayham of today. The store opens at 9am so after I dropped off Lindsey at preschool at 8:30 I headed over. I thought I would get a cup of coffee and wait until 9:00. Well when I got there there was already a line of about 6 people. I was meeting my friend Linda there, so I figured I would go ahead and get in line. By the time the doors opened there was probably close to 50 people in line. As the doors opened you would have thought it was Black Friday at the mall. A mad rush of stay at home moms and elderly women racing for the carts. Now this calm group of women who waited out side the door, were not so calm when it came to getting a cart. I managed to get to the front and got 2 carts one for me and one for Linda. As I was trying to get out of the way, I heard one lady say "She has TWO carts" I must have broken a the cardinal rule of thrifting by getting two carts. A few minutes after the store opened and the initial mayham was over. I looked toward the front door and noticed a line of approx 15 people, in line to get a cart. I new the counties thrift stores and consignment shops were doing really well due to the down economy, but wow, a line for carts!
I ended up getting a few really good deals. Two shams and a brand new pillow case from the Pottery Barn for Lindsey. They still have the tags still on. They match the quilt her Grandma Dawn got her when she was born. A Ralph Lauren, Jos A Bank and a Haggar shirt for Phil at 3$ each they were a steal. A few other misc thing for the kids. The biggest hit of the day were the Superman PJ pants for Lukas and Strawberry Shortcake PJ's for Lindsey.
Linda and I have decided to make this a monthly outing. Next time we will be sure to wear our combat clothes.
Until next time,
PS I will post pictures shortly!

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