Monday, August 31, 2009

Yard Work and Worn out Kids.

Today really felt like fall. The temps were only in the 70's and it was beautiful outside. Lindsey had preschool until 11:30 and then she played outside all day. I did manage to rangle her inside for Dinner and then she was back out until dark. She is a true outdoor girl. After bathtime they both fell into bed.
The picture at the top of my blog was taken last fall. They were patiently waiting for the columbines to come back by. Harvest time is a big deal in our farming communtiy. Lukas loves to watch the trackers working. Tonight they worked with there Daddy taking down that fence between us and the field. This year it was soy beans, next year it will be corn. It looks so much better now that all the weeds and other depree are all gone. We will eventually put up a new fence, but I am kind of liking it without it.
Today I am feeling so blessed to have two healthy, happy, loving children. They are growing up a little every day. Tonight Lindsey saw Taylor Swift on TV and asked if she could have a dress like hers when she was this many, she proceeded to put up all 10 fingers. I told her she would also have to put up her toes along with her fingers! I know I get frustrated with all the fingerprints, dirty clothes all over the bathroom and picking up sippy cups, but before I know they will be all grown up and I will miss these days. Our plan all along was for me to stay home until Lindsey goes to Kindergarden, which is all day here. I am already thinking this school year is going to by way to fast. I wish I could freeze time in its tracts.
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